Music Moves Hearts.
Here are some of the singers who will move yours.
Adam Cordle
Allan Harris
Allison Guthrie
Ambassador Youth Choir
Anthony & Darla Lester
Ashley Huckaby
Becky Powers
Bill Carter
Bill Houston
Brent Markee
Brian Stout
Bro & Sis Savage
Brother Leon Buzzard
Calvary Evangelistic Center
Chuck & Dale Spencer
Consecrated U
Darla Lester
Dave Brewer
David Genell
David & Jessica Fordyce
Davy, Kelly and Odie
Dawn Ambrose
Debra Stacey
Donald Tapio
Doug & Missy Cornett
Dryden Road Pentecostal Church
FGBI Singers
George Davis
Grace Church & Family
Graylen & Amanda Armour
Grose Family 3 Generations
HIM Choir
His Image
Hope's Song
Howard Holt
I Am
I Witness
In One Accord
Jenkins Company
Jenkins Sisters Company
Jessa Atkins
Jimmy J Millikin & Rachel McCutcheon
Jimmy John & Marty Don Millikin
Joey Crawley
Joey Hight
John & Karen Dyess
Jon Burdine
Kathrine Howell
Keen Mountain Brothers
Kindred Spirit
Little Mary
Lois Ard
Maressa Hoskins
Marilyn Saylor
Marty Millikin
Michael Nichols
Nathan Markee
O Daniel  My Son
Olivia Dyar
Parker Hill Youth Choir
PFYC 2012 Music
Rachel Caraway
Renee Miller
Richlands Tabernacle Choir
Sandy Blythe
Savanna Choir
Scott McNutt
Sharon Brock
Shay Medow-Geron Webb-Taylor Webb
Shea Boyd
Sherry Shuecraft
Shirlene Moore
Shirley McKinney
Stephanie Hauri
Sue Cole
Summit Ensemble
Tara Williams
The Armours
The Adkins Family
The Baldwins
The Blythe's And Rita
The Boyd Family
The Brimms
The Brocks
The Cady Sisters
The Cannon Family Tri
The Crafton Trio
The Carpenters
The Crews Family
The Davis Family 2
The Deanes
The Dyers
The Elijah Band
The Feasters
The Gentrys
The George Davis Family
The Gipson Family
The Gray Sisters
The Guthrie Family
The Harmons
The Hendrix Trio
The Horn Family
The Johnson Family
The Jones Family
The Kirk Family
The Knopp Family
The Lloyd's
The Martin Family
The Matneys
The McCutcheons
The McIntire Family
The Millikin Family
The Nesbitts
The Nicholson Brothers
The Overcomers
The Peach Family
The Peyton Family
The Peytons
The Ray Family Tradition
The Riddlels
The Ropers
The Savages and Various Artists
The Savanna Choir
The Simpson Family
The Skaggs
The Tate Family
The Toliver Trio
The Webbs
The Webster's
The Wootens
Tonya Switzer
We Will Stand
William Barfield Family
Williams Family Heritage
Zack & Kelly

And many more coming soon!
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