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Bro. Jared Mowen, A.S.
    Bro. Jared and his wife, Rebecca, currently attend Gospel Light Tabernacle in Berkeley Springs, WV.  Together, they teach the Youth Class each week, and lead in services at the Hagerstown Rescue Mission and Julia Manor nursing home each month.  Bro. Jared is a licenced minister of the Nationwide Pentecostal Evangelical Association.
Pastor Shane Boyer, B.B.S.
     Pastor Shane, his wife, Amy, and their six children currently pastor Gospel Light Tabernacle in Berkeley Springs, WV.  Pastor Shane is ordained through, and a current board member of, the Nationwide Pentecostal Evangelical Association.  He and his wife graduated from Free Gospel Bible Institute, pastored in Virginia, returned to be faculty and staff at FGBI, and helped pioneer Haven of HOPE in Martinsburg, WV with Bro. Brent and Bro. Ryan Markee.
It's online radio. It is for those who enjoy the sounds of the holiness people and it is offered by holiness people.  "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."  Romans 1:16
Jared & Rebecca Mowen
We can do the majority of our work from our home offices via the web. We generally meet and work through technical issues at Gospel Light Tabernacle 21 Gospel Lane Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.  Come visit us in service some time; we would be glad to have you.  For more information go to PleaseTryJesus.org
Shane & Amy Boyer
Holiness music has been playing online for over 10 years through the work of Bro. Scott Hostetler and Pentecostal Voice of Truth Radio Network.  After he went off the air in 2016, we sought the Lord in carrying over this work.  In February of 2017, we launched our first trial radio station and distributed it to our close friends and family.  After the excellent response we received, we decided to launch out with a more permanent solution.  The grand launching of our permanent website, holinessvoices.org and Holiness Voices Radio was at Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference in March of 2017. 
We believe that the holiness people need a place where their music is played and can be listened to.  For years, Bro. Scott Hostetler carried that torch with Pentecostal Voice of Truth Radio Network.  After he went off the air we contacted him about this work and he agreed to assist.  His vision and help has aided us in the launching of this station and some of the music that we now play.
That is where we come in.  We take the music you love, place it into playlists on a server and distribute that to you.  Don't worry, we have this under control...we think.  We don't even want to get into all that techy talk.  Just listen and enjoy.
Broadcasting the Gospel in Word & Song
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